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Line of Flowers for Rose Cottage Border Collies & Borderdoodles
Flowers on a string for Rose Cottage Border Collies & Borderdoodles


Rose Cottage Border Collies & Borderdoodles is an established and experienced breeder located on the south coast of Berry, NSW. Myself and my granddaughter work together . We specialise in breeding Purebred Border Collies,  Borderdoodles and poodles

All our dogs are part of our family  and extended family were they can receive all the love and care needed to produce healthy offsprings

All our breeding sires and dams  are genetically tested and a 100% clear for any hereditary disease of their breed by Orivet Genetic pet care  our dogs health is most important to our breeding program that all sires and dams have a thorough  health check every year by my longtime vet I have used for the past 25 years .

We have been breeding Border Collies on our family property for over 25 years as working companion dogs. They make loyal and loving pets and are one of the most intelligent breeds of dog. As well as Border Collies,and Borderdoodles we also breed Poodles. sweet natured, friendly and emotionally intelligent dogs with high sensitivity.and beautiful gentle  hearts

By pairing Border Collies with Poodles, we have created a beautiful breed, the Borderdoodle. Since 2017, we have carefully worked with the genetic bloodlines and temperaments of our dogs to breed the perfect companion animal. Rose Cottage Border Collies & Borderdoodles make the ultimate family dog, as they are smart, gentle, loyal and loving dogs. We have successfully homed many puppies to happy families, with some even coming back to extend their loving home to a second dog.

A photo of a small Border Collie puppy sitting in a soft, cream dog bed.
A photo of a small borderdoodle puppy being held by a human.

At Rose Cottage, our dogs all lead a good life and have very active lifestyles with plenty of stimulation. Due to their high emotional sensitivity and unconditional love towards people, some even work as therapy dogs as part of our Holistic Health Centre in Sydney. Our dogs help to lift the human spirit and to ground people, especially during these times of uncertainty.


The Borderdoodle can fit into many different family lifestyles, and can find suitable homes in apartments, average suburban houses and on expansive acreages. The intelligence and joyful spirit of our loving Borderdoodles make them the perfect family dog.  

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