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Beautiful Bunch of flowers for Rose Cottage Border Collies & Borderdoodles
String of Flowers Rose Cottage Border Collies & Borderdoodles


The Borderdoodle is a mixed hybrid dog — a cross between the Border Collie and Poodle. Friendly, playful, and intelligent, these pups inherited some of the best qualities from both of their parents.


Bordoodles make for excellent family dogs. They’re friendly, loving, with big hearts and will even become protective towards your family. The mixed breed is relatively low maintenance and is tolerant of most people, from very young to very old.


Be warned, due to the Borderdoodle’s intelligence, they can start to show stubborn traits if they don’t get proper socialization and training from a young age.  But if you make sure you train your Borderdoodle well, you’ll have the ultimately family dog!

Here at Rose Cottage, we breed:


  • Standard size Borderdoodles approximate weight 15kg to 25kg, around 45 to  51 cm at the wither (sizes can vary)

  • Medium size Borderdoodles approximate weight 10kg to 15 kg, around 30cm to 40cm at the wither (size can vary)

  • Mini Petite Borderdoodles approximate weight 7kg to 10kg, around 20cm to 30cm at the wither (sizes can vary)


These size and weight estimates are based on previous pups and cannot be guaranteed.


Borderdoodles are a high breed dog that undergo many breedings, or what we call generations. Here at Rose Cottage, we breed three generations of Borderdoodles.



Borderdoodles have an impressive amount of colour possibilities including but not limited to:

  • Black / white 

  • Chocolate / white

  • Blue / white 

  • Lilac / white 

  •  Red / white 

  • Apricot / white 

  • Cream / white 

  • Tan/white

  • Silver /white

  • Fawn/white

  • Gold/white

  • Seal/white

  • Slate/white

  •  Cafe au lait /white

Numerous combinations of colors are possible in bicolor and tricolor Borderdoodles as well as beautiful markings such as brindle, merle, tan points, Irish spotting, abstract, and ticking.


Because many Borderdoodles have what’s known as the fading gene (common in Poodles), darkly coloured dogs may become lighter with time. Rich black may fade to a silvery sheen, and chocolate may fade to a very light tan. Conversely, some colours, such as cream, will darken as the puppy matures. Some colours, such as red, can go either way, becoming deep and rich or fading to apricot. It just depends on the genetic makeup of the puppy.


A well-bred Borderdoodle will be gentle, loving, sociable, highly intelligent, and incredibly eager to please. Borderdoodles thrive when given lots of attention and will reward your efforts with exceptional devotion. This cheerful mix is wonderful with children and is a perfect fit for active families. While some Borderdoodles may retain some of the Border Collie’s herding instincts, it’s usually to a much lower degree and can be controlled with training.


Borderdoodles are excellent for families of all sizes. They love companionship and just being with people in general, so whatever family activity happens to be taking place, they’re up for it. They are usually quite tolerant of young children’s antics and are known for their gentleness and love of play.


Borderdoodles are very loving and affectionate. In fact, many owners report that their Borderdoodles still try to curl up in their laps for snuggles even after they are fully grown! Sharing affection with their families comes naturally to these sweet-natured mixes, and they are incredibly loyal to those they love, but they may be shy or aloof when first meeting strangers.


Aggression should not be an issue in any Borderdoodle who has been correctly socialised and raised in a loving manner. Our Complete Guide to Socialisation(with included checklist) walks you through the process so that you can raise your Borderdoodle to never feel the need for aggression as he will be confident, comfortable, and well behaved in every situation.


A well-raised, properly trained Borderdoodle is highly unlikely to exhibit stubbornness. As dogs are naturally pack animals, they instinctively desire a leader. It is critical that an owner gains the trust of a Borderdoodle by confidently fulfilling the role of leader. If not, a Borderdoodle, like any other dog, will step into this position himself and attempt to “lead the pack,” resulting in behaviour that may be misconstrued as stubbornness.


Borderdoodles generally are friendly and playful with other dogs, especially those in the same household. Meetings with a new dog should always be supervised in case any aggression should arise, but negative responses are more likely to come from the other dog rather than the friendly Borderdoodle


Many Borderdoodles will get along very well with cats, particularly if they are introduced to felines while young. Some of the best breeders will ensure this is done before the puppies leave for their new homes. However, some Borderdoodles will delight in chasing cats and may even kill them if not socialised properly or they have an unusually strong herding instinct.

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These Borderdoodles are first generation, which is a mix between a Purebred Border Collie and a Purebred Poodle.


This is the most common bloodline as it captures the essence of the unique designer breed, inheriting a long soft wavy coat. These Borderdoodles can sometimes be more on the curly side, as their characteristics will vary. Although they are a 50/50 mix, they can sometimes take more characteristics from either parent.

Border x Poodle - coat will be between wavy and loosely curled (often called a fleece coat); shedding will vary from low to moderate.


First generation backcross, these dogs are a mix between a Borderdoodle and a Purebred Poodle.


Many owners prefer this generation as they have a hypoallergenic coat that hardly ever sheds. Appearance and size can vary, but mostly these dogs grow into a teddy bear look. F1b’s can also be back crossed to the Border Collies, which will give them a longer coat and more of beardy look around the face.

Borderdoodle x Poodle - coat will be curlier, denser, and lower shedding (often called a wool coat)



Second generation backcross, this is a pairing between a Borderdoodle to another Borderdoodle.


We work with standard Borderdoodles to Mini Borderdoodles, producing a medium size dog weighing around 15 kg. These dogs are well sort after, as they adjust to family life very easily. Their coats are also very low shed.

F1 X F1 or F1 X F1B - coat can vary from fleece to wool type but it typically very low shedding